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Monthly Archives: May 2019

Scalar Energy

How Does Scalar Energy Affect Other Living Things Around You

Reading Time: 3 minutes Scalar energy products are not entirely new, research on scalar energy and how it affects the human body has been happening for many years, however, more extensive research is yet to happen, along with recording specific and definable linked outcomes of their use. How then do we gauge if they are safe for children and pets? Considering Scalar Energy and…

scalar energy

The Science Behind Scalar Energy

Reading Time: 3 minutes Scalar Energy has been found to promote healing in the body by subtle energy frequencies. Scalar Energy is created naturally; however, it can also be artificially engineered. The energy form of scalar waves has the ability to carry information which is why it has had such a profound effect on the human body. Over the years, research has discovered the…


Not All CBD Oil Is Created Equal

Reading Time: 3 minutes Over the last few years, the interest in CBD oil has exploded. It has become extremely popular because of its many beneficial uses (treatment of anxiety, pain, etc). As with any product however, you can get good quality and bad quality. If you use or are considering using CBD oil, it is important to understand how it is made and…

Miracle is RIGHT!!!!

Reading Time: < 1 minute I have stage four endometriosis! I have been taking the Scalar CBD oil for about three months now! I have felt a HUGE difference! Thank you so much!

Pain Relief

Reading Time: < 1 minute If you have reached the point where fibromyalgia and neuropathy pain in your legs and feet are limiting your ability to feel safe leaving home or even performing tasks at home, then you will understand where I’m coming from. In the last 25 years I’ve tried everything and I slowly ended up in my bed unable to enjoy much of…


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