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Category: Holographic Discs

EMF Protection Products

Do EMF Protection Products Work?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF) is a type of radiation that comes from electronic waves that carry energy. There are many devices that people use on a daily basis that are known to emit high-frequency EMF that can be dangerous to our health, such as electromagnetic stress from cell phones. High-Frequency EMF devices are usually ones that originate from wireless technology and…

Red Blood Cells and Circulatory System

A Different Way To Treat Your Red Blood Cells and Circulatory System

Reading Time: 3 minutes Miracle Balance has created a proprietary technology that aids people in the quest to seek relief from chronic and acute pain, without the negative side effects caused by chemical medicines. The Miracle Balance Relief Holographic Discs can aid you in your recovery, naturally and safely. What Is Holographic Therapy? Holographic therapy is used to supplement the body’s natural healing process….

5G Technology

The Dangers And Health Concerns Of 5G Technology

Reading Time: 3 minutes Since 4G rolled out in 2009, the technology sector has been developing the fifth generation of cellular networks, called 5G. Recently, some cellular providers such as Verizon and AT&T have announced their services are compatible with 5G technology, and many more will do so as the technology comes closer to its full form. Although 5G has not reached the level…

Color Therapy Affects Energy Healing

How Color Therapy Affects Energy Healing

Reading Time: 3 minutes The study of color therapy arose hundreds of years ago in different forms all around the world. As seen in ancient Egyptian mythology, chromotherapy was used to treat illnesses by providing various minerals, crystals, dyes, and stones of different colors and shades. They additionally used painted rooms that were diverse in colors to aid in medical treatment and natural healing….

Acupuncture Points

How Are Acupuncture Points Related To Holographic Discs?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Our bodies are highly complex, intricately connected entities that function well until something disrupts the internal balance. Discovering the link between the body’s acupuncture points and the effectiveness of Miracle Balance’s Holographic Discs (MBdiscs) is a key to restoring that balance by healing, protecting, and maximizing the body’s natural functioning potential. In many ways, a body is like a city…

Different Types Of Energy Healing

Different Types Of Energy Healing

Reading Time: 3 minutes Today in the field of alternative medicine there are many options and treatments to choose from. As standard practice, many health insurance carriers now offer coverage for alternative preventative care such as acupuncture or chiropractic treatments. Another emerging science is scalar wave technology, a theory established by quantum psychics enthusiast Thomas E. Beardon. In this article we’ll discuss different types…

Holographic Therapy

What Are The Benefits Of Holographic Therapy

Reading Time: 3 minutes Holographic therapy makes use of the scientific practice of holograms which is a 2-dimensional image that contains 3-dimensional information of an object. Interference patterns present in light waves and lasers with the same wavelength reflect light off of an object onto a film. As this occurs, information can be encoded and recorded. Aside from recording images, holography can also store…

Sports Endurance

Ways To Up Your Sports Endurance

Reading Time: 2 minutes Looking for ways to improve your endurance while exercising? Felling like you aren’t accessing the full energy potential of your cells? Then you might need a Miracle Balance holographic action disc.  Having the edge and improving your cardiovascular, muscular and energy endurance may give you the push you need to succeed in the sport you are participating in. But what…

Relieve Muscle Tiredness

How To Relieve Muscle Tiredness

Reading Time: 3 minutes Few pains are worse than the dull aching of tired muscles. Whether it’s due to stress, age, exercise, or the myriad of other culprits, we often find ourselves searching for how to relieve muscle tiredness.   By recognizing the symptoms of muscle tiredness, you are able to learn how to relieve the issue better. Symptoms of Tired Muscles Localized pain in…

Holographic Programming

What Is Holographic Programming?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Dennis Garbor was a European theorist that won a Nobel Prize in Physics in 1971 for his theory regarding holography invention and development. Holography is concerned with the making of holograms. A hologram is usually a photogenic recording of a light field and is used to display a 3D object without the aid of other optic objects, the light field…


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