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Category: Scalar Energy Bands

Relieve Muscle Tiredness

How To Relieve Muscle Tiredness

Reading Time: 3 minutes Few pains are worse than the dull aching of tired muscles. Whether it’s due to stress, age, exercise, or the myriad of other culprits, we often find ourselves searching for how to relieve muscle tiredness.   By recognizing the symptoms of muscle tiredness, you are able to learn how to relieve the issue better. Symptoms of Tired Muscles Localized pain in…

Energy Bands

The Science of Energy Bands

Reading Time: 3 minutes Although we may not consciously think about it, energy is an extremely important part of modern life. Whether we are playing sports, working, or going about our daily routines, we need energy. An unfortunate consequence of modern life however, is that we often lack the energy to perform at our optimum levels. Luckily for us, a modern world comes with…


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