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Category: Scalar Sleep Bands

The Science Of Sleep

The Science Of Sleep

Reading Time: 3 minutes For a large number of our population, sleep bands are the perfect solution to low energy from bad quality sleep. But sleep can be complicated, and quite scientific, so we’re here to help you understand why sleep is so important and why our SCALAR sleep bands can help you to get a good night’s rest. Making Sense Of The Different…

Sleep Bands

What Are Sleep Bands?

Reading Time: 3 minutes When you wake up in the morning do you feel as if you have no energy? Do you feel like you have not even slept a minute? 35% of Americans today suffer from insomnia or another form of sleep deprivation. Here at Miracle Balance we have the answer to your sleepless nightmares and it’s as easy as making use of a wearable and fashionable sleep band. What Is A Sleep Band? A sleep band…

REM Sleep

What Is REM Sleep?

Reading Time: 3 minutes While you are asleep, your brain travels through 5 different stages. REM sleep is one of these stages. REM stands for rapid eye movement because as the name suggests, your eyes move rapidly and in various directions during this stage. This occurs within the first 90 minutes of a person falling asleep and will repeat throughout the sleep cycle. Before…


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