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Category: Testimonial

The Sleep Bracelet brings calm to your nervous system

Reading Time: < 1 minute When I put the Sleep Bracelet on the first time and laying down before 10 minutes I felt a groundedness. My mind was more still. Then I involuntarily took 2 big breaths. It was like my body was taking in much needed oxygen to reset itself and calm the nervous system. Deep breathing increases the supple of oxygen to your…

Miracle is RIGHT!!!!

Reading Time: < 1 minute I have stage four endometriosis! I have been taking the Scalar CBD oil for about three months now! I have felt a HUGE difference! Thank you so much!

Pain Relief

Reading Time: < 1 minute If you have reached the point where fibromyalgia and neuropathy pain in your legs and feet are limiting your ability to feel safe leaving home or even performing tasks at home, then you will understand where I’m coming from. In the last 25 years I’ve tried everything and I slowly ended up in my bed unable to enjoy much of…

Wonder Disc

Reading Time: < 1 minute Thank you Derrick for these wonderful discs. I call them wonder disc, because I wonder what else they will do besides get rid of pain. I had a bad head ache and tried the pain disc. Not only did it relieve my head ache it improved my vision in the eye the disc was next to, and it is not…


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