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Different Types Of Energy Healing

Different Types Of Energy Healing

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Today in the field of alternative medicine there are many options and treatments to choose from. As standard practice, many health insurance carriers now offer coverage for alternative preventative care such as acupuncture or chiropractic treatments. Another emerging science is scalar wave technology, a theory established by quantum psychics enthusiast Thomas E. Beardon. In this article we’ll discuss different types of energy healing in scalar technology and alternative energy therapies to support your health and well-being.

Scalar Wave

Scalar wave is a form of electromagnetic wave that works outside standard physics theory. Beardon was an adherent to the theory that all energy as we know it is vacuum energy. An offset of this is the scalar wave, which is applied today in alternative medicine as a form of energy healing. There are other practices in the alternative healing field such as Reiki, sound vibration therapy through Qi Gong Tibetan singing bowls, and autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR), which is used for relaxation and sleep therapy.

Energy Healing Practices

Reiki is a Japanese laying of hands practice. The word Reiki translates to ‘God’s wisdom’ (rei) and ‘life force energy’ (ki). A practitioner places their hands on a patient to channel energy, reduce stress, and increase relaxation. Reiki is based on the concept of chi or ‘life force energy’ which if low, it is believed a person is more vulnerable to illness and chronic pain.

Part of the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) canon, acupuncture originated in China during the 3rd century BC. Like Reiki, acupuncture is also based on the concept of chi life energy which circulates through invisible energy pathways called meridians. There are 12 regular meridians with a total of 20 in the human body. Acupuncture is applied by inserting thin, sterile needles into meridian points related to systems and organs in the body. For example, there are various meridian points in the ear which correlate to the lower back, liver, spleen, kidney, and other organs. In TCM it is believed that where there is blockage of chi, treating those meridians will restore balance to the body and spirit and support healing. Acupuncture is widely practiced in the US and healthcare providers offer acupuncture coverage or in tandem with traditional Western treatments.


There are also meditation disciplines to mitigate stress, support health, and to achieve balance and clarity. Self-guided energy healing can be practiced through chakra meditation. Derived from Indian Tantra, Taoism, Buddhism, and Japanese Esoteric Buddhism philosophies, chakra practice is based on the physical body and the subtle body (suksma sarira in Sanskrit). The physical and subtle body are governed by the 7 chakras which are vertical along the spinal cord. These are, from the base of the spine to the head (in English and traditional Sanskrit): 1. root (Muladhara) 2. sacral (Svadhishthana) 3. solar plexus (Manipura) 4. heart (Anahata) 5. throat (Vishuddha) 6. third-eye (Ajna) and 7. crown (Adhara). The chakras are considered energy centers in constant motion and through meditation each center is activated to achieve higher consciousness, focused healing, and well-being.

MBDisc Energy Healing Technology

Another healing practice in alternative medicine is in the use of holographic discs. Here at Miracle Balance we manufacture a variety of energy healing products. Embedded with scalar waves, MBdiscs are used to restore balance based on the principles of Energy Medicine Technology – they are about the size of a nickel and are applied to the skin to activate the 300 remedies, which help support the body’s healing process. These holographic discs are available to help in the treatment of migraines, menstrual cramps, maintain balance and agility during your workout, and to counterbalance electro-pollutants from cell phone use, PDAs, and laptops.

Scalar wave technology has many key benefits that include increasing the level of energy in your cells and therefore increasing your cells ability to absorb nutrients and eliminate toxins and waste.  At Miracle Balance we can bring you a way of neutralizing the damaging effects of detrimental man-made waves by embedding scalar waves into our holographic discs, wristbands, liquids and infuse into most materials.

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