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Health Benefits Of Scalar Infused CBD Products

Scalar Infused CBD Products

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CBD oil has been around for a while now, and more benefits are being discovered the more it’s being used. If you’ve done some research, you may have heard of scalar CBD oil. But, what’s the difference between scalar-infused CBD oil and the normal stuff?

At Miracle Balance, we have developed our own scalar-infused wellness line, and we want you to love it as much as we do.

What Is Scalar Infusion?

Scalar waves are energy waves that are naturally occurring in nature. By infusing products with these scalar waves, we’re embedding that product with the ability to generate this specific waveform.

When our scalar oil is created, we add an entirely new dimension to a wellness product. Every day, our bodies are hit by a lot of man-made waves through our phones and other electronic devices. Scalar wave technology helps to cancel out these waves so that they can’t do extensive damage to our bodies.

You can embed scalar waves into almost anything, but they’re notably useful in holographic discs, wristbands, pendants, and liquids. In liquids, like CBD oil, the benefits of both scalar technology and the wonders of natural cannabinoids can combine into a product that will help keep your body in balance.

What Makes Scalar CBD Oil So Special?

We take great care so that we can guarantee that our products are up to standard, as not all CBD oils are equal. Here are just some of the wonderful benefits offered by our scalar-infused oil.

  • Improved Oil Absorption

    One key factor affecting oil absorption in our bodies is surface tension. High surface tension means high viscosity, which makes our bodies work longer to assimilate the product. Scalar-infused CBD oil has a lower surface tension when compared to standard CBD oil, so your body can absorb all the benefits much quicker than normal.

  • It’s All-Natural

    There’s no doubt about it, scalar CBD oil is high-quality. The oil you get is raw, pure, and contains a higher concentration of CBD than you’d find elsewhere. We also care greatly about the environment, so all of our plants are sustainably farmed, have no GMO components, and are free from additives, preservatives, and have a 0.00% THC level.

  • Scalar CBD Oil And Cancer

    Studies have shown that high quality CBD oil can work to improve cancer-related symptoms and chemotherapy side effects such as vomiting, nausea, and pain. Because cannabinoids interact with our endocannabinoid system, there’s great potential for it to help with pain, inflammation, and much more.

  • Benefits Abound

    Just because a product is scalar-infused, it doesn’t mean that you lose out on all the benefits that normal CBD oil can offer. You can still discover improved levels of anxiety and stress, reduced acne, decreases in pain and inflammation, and an overall improvement in mood that you get from standard CBD oil.

  • Improving Cell Energy Production

    We run on energy. Just like we need to consume good nutrients every day so we have the energy to live our lives, we can boost our cells’ energy production by using scalar-infused products.

  • Immune Boost

    We all like to look after ourselves if the flu is going around, and scalar waves can help boost our immune systems by up to 149%.

  • Focus

    Scalar-infused CBD oil has been shown to improve focus with measured increases in the amplitude of EEG frequencies, perfect for those days when we need a little extra concentration.

If you’re interested in discovering how the benefits of scalar-infused CBD oil can work for you, contact us at Miracle Balance on 866-625-0087. Alternatively, you can speak to your physician and find a Miracle Balance retailer near you.

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