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How To Ensure Your Scalar Energy Pendant Is High-Quality

Scalar Energy Pendant

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Scalar energy pendants have, and continue, to grow in popularity. Worn around your neck like jewelry, or carried in your pocket, its positive results have been overwhelming. These pendants work to protect your body both inwardly and outwardly. It aids in restoring our cell functioning while repelling negative energies released from our electronic devices. However, where there is a product demand, there is a criminal waiting to exploit it! Don’t fall into the trap of buying a fake product- know what to look out for.

The Scalar Energy Pendant

Throughout the day, we are constantly exposed to what is known as “Electro-pollution.” This is the exposure to radiation that is released from the electronic devices that we handle. As you may have already guessed, this pollution has negative effects on our body’s functioning. The radiation causes an imbalance in the electrical properties of our cells, weakening them. Our weakened cells, unable to actively do their job, results in higher levels of stress and lower levels of energy.

Scary, right? Lucky for us, we have access to Scalar energy pendants!

What It Does

The Scalar energy pendant is a jewelry pendant that, within minutes, positively affects your body. The pendant works to restore the natural balance of the body, and its function. Providing the highest negative ion count on the market, it releases these negative ions to combat the positive ones released from electronic devices. Essentially, it restores balance to the electrical properties of your cells. This restoration promotes natural healing, as your body’s cells are now actively able to perform their necessary jobs. Scalar energy in the Scalar pendant does not weaken, providing you with consistent energy for life.

How It’s Made

These pendants are made from special volcanic lava, containing over 70 natural minerals. This lava, exclusively found in Japan, is manufactured and processed under extreme temperatures. Using low-temperature treatment, it is then hardened to form bio-ceramics. Finally, the product is structurally bonded together at a molecular level.

Authentic Vs. Inauthentic: Know The Signs

A trend consistent with any popular product, is the appearance of fake, or knock-off, versions. Unlike a knock-off item of clothing, where the difference may go unnoticed, buying a fake Scalar energy pendant is like buying a useless rock. Look out for the following visual signs of an inauthentic product among Scalar energy pendants:

  • Color

    Quite simply put, an authentic pendant is black in color, while its counterfeit is brown.

  • Materials

    Original pendants are made with hard materials that are impenetrable and trying to make a hole in one would cause it to break. This means that any extra jewels are glued onto the surface with industrial strength glue. Holes are, however, able to be made in knock-off pendants. A quick way to tell its quality is if jewels are embedded in the pendant. This would be impossible to do if the pendant were real.

  • Price

    Before making a purchase, take a look at competitor prices. The price of a counterfeit pendant is almost 80% cheaper than the original price. While you may think that you have struck a deal, this cheaper pendant will not have any health benefits.

  • Packaging

    People selling fake products have become really good at it, so we need to pay extra attention to detail! Subtle changes to the original packaging are often used to try and trick us. Look closely at the label and details on the packaging, comparing it to the others.

While there are many other ways to tell if your pendant is a fake, these can only be done after you have made the purchase. Knowing the visible signs of a fake product can save you time, money and energy. When it comes to buying your Scalar energy pendants, make sure it is from a company that you can trust!

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