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scalar_infused_pendantIf you are looking for a natural way to promote holistic wellness within your body, then a scalar energy pendant may be just the thing for you. By simply wearing the pendant around your neck or carrying it on your person, you can enjoy the many positive benefits that scalar energy offers.

The Signal Pendent is programmed with natural minerals and iodine we are getting too little of in our foods now. Also imprinted in the pendant is the advanced pain formula used in the MBdisc Relief Holographic disc.

In Tradition Chinese Medicine the Thyroid can be influenced by inserting a needle in an acupuncture point. In Mbdisc technology the needles are not needed and the area of the thyroid may be influenced by the imprinted signals imitating from the silver pendant. There are numerous benefits from a normally functioning thyroid as the thyroid is important in the hormone balance of the body.

Also the design of the Pendant is centered around the universal impression that the number 8 is a sign for good fortune and prosperity along with many other pluses. The pendent is cast in silver and then uniquely programmed, once programmed the pendent will stay programmed.

For people there is nothing more powerful and the pendant is backed by our Research and Longitudinal Scalar Wave programming.

Individual discs can be adhered to the back of the pendent if wanted to add specific results, like weight loss, purification or testosterone boost.

Tesla Energy: How Can It Heal You?

Scalar energy is the energy of the future and is also known as healing energy. It can help in maintaining the body’s biofield by promoting a positive flow of energy. Scalar energy also restores energy that has been weakened by daily exposure to negative energies such as radiation from mobile phone, television, computer, x-ray, microwave and electrical appliances. This EMF radiation can cause serious harm to your body over a prolonged period of time. The scalar pendant will release negative ions, combatting the positive ions from electrical devices, therefore keeping you safe from EMF.

The Scalar energy in the Scalar pendant does not diminish. In fact, it can help provide human beings consistent energy for a lifetime. Scalar energy is known throughout the world for its medicinal utilities and is now used to treat all manner of ailments. Made of Pure Silver, with high synergistic properties as well as myriad of health benefits. Scalar proprietary frequencies which benefit the body’s metabolic functions, elevating blood circulatory systems and helping to achieve natural holistic functions.

How Does MBdisc Scalar Energy Work?

  1. It eliminates the effects of man made frequencies (60 cps) in the human body.
  2. Increases energy level of every single cell in the body to the ideal 70 to 90 mili volt.
  3. Scalar energy increases the energy covalent level of every single hydrogen atom in the body as confirmed by spectrographs and thus protects DNA from damage.
  4. Improves cell wall permeability that facilitates the intake of nutrients into each cell and thus removes toxic elements.
  5. Increases overall body energy level.
  6. Cleanses the blood improving chylomicron levels (protein and fat particles floating in the blood) and triglyceride profiles and fibrin patterns.
  7. Improves immune function as proven in laboratory studies.
  8. Improves mental focus as demonstrated by increased amplitude of EEG frequencies.
  9. Balance out the two hemispheres of the brain as measured by EEG tests.

tesla energy

Interstitial Fluid Testing for Holographic
Effects on Human Physiology

Investigator: Marc Melton, Certified EIS Operator
Test Subject: Caucasian Male, age 22
Date: 1-28-2010

EIS Test (A) and Slim Disk™ (B) Comparison

slim disc hologram
slim disc
slim disc

The numbers obtained for right and left lobes of test subject represent in vivo electrical activity, as measured on a scale >-60-0-<+60 . These scores are also indicative of blood flow, oxygenation, ATPase activity, pH, hormonal activity, etc. In the top images, we see the electrical scores increasing by five points after the application of Slim Disk™. Further, excessive digestive system conductivity is reduced from 35.98 to 33.01, trending from “over” to “normal” values. This subject also presented with systemic mitochondrial activity above normal levels, which was reduced to normal levels after applying the Slim Disk™

Thyroid cellular activity and electrical parameters are improved significantly with the application of Slim Disk™

slim disc results

Control (A)

Interstitial Mineral Imbalance evident, particularly Na+, K+, Cl-, and Mg.
Interstitial Acid/Base Balance high-normal pH, Bi-carbonate values with Reduced Hydrogen Ion concentrations
Pancreas conductivity excessive at 30.12
Leptin resistance excessive at 0.84

slim disc results

Slim Disk (B)

Interstitial minerals are all nicely within normal levels.
Interstitial Acid/Base balance values are normal
Pancreas conductivity now high normal at 27.47
Leptin Resistance reduced 29% vs. Control (A)

slim disc
Control (A)
slim disc
Slim Disk (B)

Compared with the control test, Slim Disk™ (B) exhibits an approximate 28% decrease in bloodflow viscosity, which is consistent with improved metabolic parameters normally seen as a result of exercise. This improvement is concomitant with a normalization of cellular energy production at the mitochondrial level.

Slim Disk™ positively affects cellular energy balance and plasma viscosity within the test subject.

slim disc

Slim Disk appears to normalize left temporal lobe physiological parameters in this test subject, most notably with respect to electrical indicators. Hypophyseal activity regarding hypothalamicanterior pituitary regulation shows positive results as ACTH levels are reduced from a value of 18 nmol/L to 16 nmol/L. Conversely, interstitial, cerebral noradrenaline levels, low in Control Test (A), show a positive trend toward normal from 4.07 to 4.27 in Slim Disk (B). ATP levels similarly rise in Test (B).

Slim Disk™ show positive physiological effects in left temporal lobe of subject, while reducing stress hormones such as corticosteroids.

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Use of caffeine and other stimulants can delay effectiveness of the Holographic Disc. If you have been taking drugs or chemicals you will likely experience a detoxification effect (increase urination and/or body odor). Increase your intake of non-fluoride –mV water.

These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. For external use only. Do not ingest. Remove immediately if you feel discomfort or skin rash occurs and increase intake of non-fluoride, -mV water.

These guidelines are solely for educational and informational purposes. The information is no way intended to be medical advice. Please consult a medical or health professional before you begin this or any health program, if you have any questions or concerns about your health. Mbdisc are not intended to be used in the cure, treatment or prevention of disease in man or animals. Individual results will vary.


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