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“We begin to realize that the next big frontier…in medicine is energy medicine”
– Dr. Mehmet Oz

Energy Medicine brings flow, balance, and renewal to the body’s vital energies and energy medicine is the oldest, safest, most organic, most accessible, and most affordable medicine there is. Read More

State-of-the-art holographic disc from Miracle Balance marries the traditional Chinese medicine of acupuncture to produce a revolutionary delivery system achieving balance, harmony, and influencing the body for better health. Read More

The Future In Communicating With The Body Is With Holograms. Lasers are used to imprint information into Miracle Balance’s holographic discs. The information needed to achieve balance, harmony, and influence the body toward wellness as it communicates through the body’s acupuncture meridians. Read More

Geometric patterns influence the body’s ability to balance itself. The patterns selected are to achieve balance, harmony, and influence the body for better health as they communicate through the body’s acupuncture meridians using the Miracle Balance discs. Read More

Each holographic discs from Miracle Balance is distinctive in utilizing a mathematical color vortex which allows the body to retrieve the color as it communicates through the body’s acupuncture meridians to achieve balance, harmony, and influence the body for better health. Read More

Exciting results show that the Zeta potential is resorted to the red blood cells and this is magnified when water is used in conjunction with our Holographic Disc™. Read More

The Holographic Discs™ are laser imprinted with natural elements, sound, color, geometry, etc. that are selected based on the influence desired such as more energy, restful sleep, pain relief, and weight loss. Read More

There are a number of ways of measuring the influence of our Holographic Data Disc™ on the body. One is by using BioExplorer in conjunction with spectral analysis using Spectra Vision software. Read More

The disc uses thermal temperature differences outside the body and under the hologram to create an energy vortex to activate the bodies acupuncture system. The temperature effect in physics is referred to as a thermal sink. Read More


Welcome to the Research Center where you can see for yourself test results regarding the holographic Data Disc™ from Miracle Balance. Read More

Because bio-scalar energy is a unique form of energy that can be harnessed and embed into solid objects placed in its field, therefore, when embedded in nutritional supplements, scalar waves will make the supplements more absorbable, bio-available, and raise the energy level in your cells. Read More



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