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The Future In Communicating With The Body Is With Holograms.

Lasers are used to imprint information into Miracle Balance’s holographic discs. The information needed to achieve balance, harmony, and influence the body toward wellness as it communicates through the body’s acupuncture meridians.

The Science of Miracle Balance

April 8, 2007 –

Holograms were chosen as a delivery vehicle to relay information to the human body due to their storage and retrieval properties. The concentrated layers in each hologram are determined based on scientific testing using surface mammography, oximeters, spectrographs, thermal imaging and other measuring devices.

Basic design elements in the Data Disc™ are a mathematical vortex which incorporates color, geometry, symbols, and intention names lasered into each hologram during the manufacturing process.

The layered images may or may not be visible to the eye, but are imbedded in the design. The basis for design is derived from the Haramein-Rauscher solution to torque and Coriolis force as an amendment to Einstein’s field equations, which modifies the Kerr-Newman solution as noted under Geometry.

What is a Hologram?

The hologram is based upon Nobel Prize winner Dennis Gabor’s theory concerning interference patterns. Gabor theorized in 1947 that each crest of the wave pattern contains the whole information of its original source, and that this information could be stored on film and reproduced. This is why it is called a hologram.

There are two basic types of holograms — reflection and transmission. They can be distinguished by the way in which they are illuminated.

Reflection Holograms are lit from the front, reflecting the light to you as you view it, like a painting or photograph hung on a wall.

Transmission Holograms are lit from the rear (like a photographic transparency) and bend light as it passes through the hologram to your eyes to form the image.

How Do You Make a Hologram?

The process of creating a hologram begins with a focused beam of laser light.

The L.A.S.E.R. (Light Amplified by Stimulated Emission of Radiation) was invented to produce coherent light. Incoherent light travels in different frequencies and in different phases. Coherent light travels in the same frequency and in the same phase. (100% coherent light is rare) It is important to use light which is coherent because the information is carried on the crest of each wave. The more points of intersection, the more information.

The laser-beam is split into two separate beams: A reference beam, which remains static throughout much of the process and goes directly into the holographic film. The information beam passes through an image. When light encounters an image, its composition changes so that the image is in its waveform. When these two beams overlap it creates a pattern of light interference.

The image is produced on holographic film, which has a resolving power of 50 or more times that of photographic film.

A hologram can be made not only with the light waves of a laser, but also with sound waves and other waves in the electro-magnetic spectrum. Holograms made with X-rays or ultraviolet light can record images of particles smaller than visible light, such as atoms or molecules. Microwave holography detects images deep in space by recording the radio waves they emit. Acoustical holography uses sound waves to “see through” solid objects.

Holographic Data Storage

As holograms evolve they have the potential to become the next generation of popular storage media, with far more storage capacity and faster transfer rates than CDs and DVDs

Blu-ray and HD-DVD are the next-generation of digital storage available today and were built upon current DVD technology to increase data storage, but exciting changes are in store with the use of holograms.

The race is on to get consumer-friendly holographic storage systems to the marketplace by 2013. Current research and development is underway for HVD. It is the next big jump in holographic storage with the ability to store more than 1 terabyte of information — that’s 200 times more than a single-sided DVD and 20 times more than a current double-sided Blu-ray.

With the development a computerized holographic display, it is anticipated that TV sets with 3-D images might be available for as little as $5,000 within the next ten years.

Miracle Balance will continue to stay on top of developing holographic technology and incorporate state-of-the-art science into every Data Disc™ produced.

Hologram Security

State of the art laser technologies are used in our fully custom design to creation unique, proprietary images in three dimensions. As with most scientific and mathematical advances in our recent times, the average person cannot differentiate between the many different holograms without the interpretation of a holographic specialist. Since proprietary information is in each of the Miracle Balance’s holographic Data Disc™ it is of note that security is built into our products.

  • Assurances that the product is genuine and will perform according to specifications
  • Reduces the sale and use of counterfeit products
  • Enhances the visual appeal of the product
  • Makes forgery more difficult and unlikely
  • Provides potential forensic information for prosecution

At Miracle Balance we have taken the first step using positive intention in the words we use to describe all products. Product testing points to the power of intention and the benefits of suggestion. Positive intention is integrated into the products and into the very fabric of our company.

History of Holograms

In 1947 Hungarian physicist and Nobel Prize winner in physics Dennis Gabor developed the theory of holography. However, the first 3D holograms were not made until 1963 with the development of laser technology.

In the United States, you’ll find high security holograms on driver’s licenses in many states, as well as on postage stamps and a variety of government issued bonds and certificates. All new passports ar icipted with a hologram.

There has been one on every Visa® and Master Card® since 1994.

discThe Power of the Hologram

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Demonstrating a Significant Influence in Biofield Resonance, Bionetic Harmonics, And Bioelectrical Zeta Potential. – Lee G. Woolley, MBnP, CBP


This paper provides a scientific basis regarding the significant and on-going demonstrations of positive interactions with the biofield (Rubik 2002), bionetic harmonics (Woolley 1994) and bioelectrical zeta potential responses through the use of the Miracle Balance Programmed Holographic Discs™ when placed in close proximity to, or onto the skin of the human body.

Due to the ‘instantaneous effect’ created by a multi-plexed holographic layering process, these holographic bioinformation discs impact not only increase biofield resonance as reflected in positive changes in the bionetic spectral analysis of the connective tissue matrix, using the SpectraVision, but these Miracle Balance holographic discs have a direct impact on the biocoherence of the micro-flux spectral zones that feed the endocrine system, (biocoherence Woolley 2004). Additionally, they demonstrate its ability to create a marked zeta potential increase in blood platelet interaction as documented by live video. The zeta potential effect has been effectively demonstrated in vitro, which further supports the Holographic nature of man as proposed by (Pibram) and the holographic universe (Bohm).

Due to the nature of these holographic discs creating instantaneous and positive changes to the biofield, bionetic, and bioelectrical aspects of the body, suggests a wide variety of applications in the field of subtle and energetic therapeutic approaches as we enter into the vast world of the epigenetic informational influence on DNA. Subtle energy and biofield therapies are emerging as solid constructs supporting the bioregulation of the human body as found in biofield interactions which have positive impact on the regulation, control, and influences in homeostasis.


The world was turned on its ear when the announcement from 88 88 about the communication of electrons beyond any distance. This work which eventually lead to a nobel prize for him began the labyrinth of learning which has lead physics from science to metascience and from physical to spiritual. No matter how we slice the human being, the only solution is that energetic influences or subtle energies have a significant relationship to the human organism. There has been a significant amount of research regarding biochemical and bioelectrical interactions in the human body, but until biophysics entered the picture, science was left with the only hope of discovery of the human potential for health, happiness, and success hoping the answers could be found within the DNA.

Now that the DNA has been shown to be intricate enough to govern all body systems and it is known not to be the director of the body, epigenetic imprinting (Moore and Haig 1991) holds more promise. Also it is proposed that an aspect of the cell intelligence lies within the cellular membrane (Lipton 2006). The membrane potential is directed by the influence of the ‘milieu’ of the body which includes the ‘information’ that feeds the organism. Due to the DNA shortfall in its mapping complexity, proponents of DNA mapping are bereft.

Complexity Science

Complexity science now is emerging with many answers that propose uniquely stable and scientific premises leading to a new type of understanding. As a result, true scientists must now look at unique research which holds the potential keys to unlock many of the mysteries.

Some of those isolated and unnoticed scientists have discovered parts of a unique puzzle that now open the doors for a new type of science which supports the following premises:

  • Holographic Information is in all parts of the cell, cell membrane, organs, glands, and tissues. (Bohm)
  • Holographic Memory is instantaneous and non-localized. (Pibram)
  • Holographic information can interface with QED Fields.
  • Holograms are Light Driven.
  • Holographic Information can have a direct tie to the Pineal and Endocrine system.
  • Holographic Information can interface with the vertex functions of cellular biology.
  • Holographic Information interfaces with the body/mind.

Due to the nature of holographic imprinting, its ‘non-local’ nature allows information not only to travel through the connective tissue instantly, but confluent8, aspects include all modes of biointerface applicaple to the biofield such as: meridians, chakras, bioelectromagnetic resonance, bioinformation, harmonic waves, and photometric data.

Holograms can carry deep within their imbedded layers hundreds of thousands of bits of information created by the use of sound, color, bioinformation, laser light, geometric shapes and symbols, and frequencies that support many specific and significant processes within the human body.

Beyond biofield imprinting, the vortex aspect of holograms has a deep-reaching capacity to bring the body into a holographic harmonic resonance at a cellular level. Cells can instantaneously ‘get the message’ which augments the cellular activities. As cells ‘come in line’ they build a cellular tensigrity (Ingber 2002 ) of the connective tissues increasing the capacity for all parts of the body to get the messages.

It is further posited that continued or ongoing holographic imprinting aids in increasing base harmonic resonance and may lengthen DNA telomeres. Those studying biofield resonance and DNA telomere believe that subtle energy influences to the DNA may activate such deep level changes in the physical body that imprinting at the biocelular level may be biocorrective in the deepest cellular matrix for up to one or two years post therapy. (Dr. California)

Because the Hologram is photometric in nature and the active light source created through the reflective nature of the surface of the hologram is able to broadcast information quickly, the hologram can easily interact with the pineal gland and transfer data up (afferent information) to the nervous system through the nervus pinealis (Moller 1978) via the pineal stalk. Information can further be transferred back down (efferent information) through the nervous system via hypothalymus and limbic action. It is further believed that biophotometric information from the pineal gland is aided by synaptic contacts with pinealocytes. Additionally, hypothalamic neuropeptides and monoamines might be contained in the central fibers decending from the pineal stalk which can also participate in this biophotometric information conversion to biochemical activity.

Specific Measuring Equipment

The advantage of the types of measurement devices which are currently available not only can demonstrate instantaneous changes in the corporal body created by holographic discs in-vivo, via muscle testing and with the aid of the SpectralVision Biocoherence test but, sustained changes (increased zeta-potential) in platelets agglomeration is markedly reduced in-vitro analysis through the use of dark field microscopy.

Those studying bioinformation and subtle energies further posit that an organism that is less healthy has a less than optimum bioorganizational aspect or nature, which is directly seen as imbalances within the meridian system of the body. The Chinese Model of Medicine (TCM) teaches that all physical illness are created by an underlying energetic imbalance in the energetic systems of the body — yin and yang organs, and the five cycles or elements of the body.

These concepts of TCM are also rich with examples of the holographic nature of man. In fact, TCM believes that underlying the physical are mental, emotional, and energetic aspects of the patient which must all be in harmonious balance otherwise, if left out of balance, in time, the person can become sick.

From a TCM perspective, any imbalance in the biofield, left uncorrected can therefore become a cause of disharmony that will have some sort of manifestation within the body.

Longterm denial of imbalances in emotions, or mental burdens can increase stresses within the organism. These stresses impinge the data pathways or meridians and can cause an impediment to the ‘flow’ of energy.

Hans Seyle, the father of stress research (1947-) verified that under prolonged stress, some quantitative substance much like a type of resiliency was notably gone just prior to death or illness. This quantitative substance is believed to be the vital force or elan vital of the body.

Many Eastern philosophers have stated that the elan vital or prana or Qi, otherwise known as life-force has a holographic nature – all of it is in every bit of it. Because Hans Selye found that when this mystical substance ran out of the body, so did its vitality and life.

It is believed that holographic information is directed through this elan vital energy system and that the holograms increase the quality and vibrancy of this core energy system.

Preliminary tests have effectively demonstrated positive changes in the meridian channels by the use of the holoGraphic Discs™.

Never before has the ubiquitous nature of science’s ever penetrating look into nature been so baffled by quantifying holometric data and its instantaneous affects on the human body. Not only is this phenomenon stranger than we think it is stranger than we can think! And, yet, holograms and laser imprinted data are part and parcel of our everyday lives, no one has ever thought to augment the biofield with holographic data–until now.


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