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The Science Of Sleep

The Science Of Sleep

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For a large number of our population, sleep bands are the perfect solution to low energy from bad quality sleep. But sleep can be complicated, and quite scientific, so we’re here to help you understand why sleep is so important and why our SCALAR sleep bands can help you to get a good night’s rest.

Making Sense Of The Different Stages Of Sleep

When we sleep, our bodies cycle through several different kinds of sleep, known as sleep stages. Sleep is a lot more active for our brains than you might imagine, and each stage marks a change in brain activity. These five stages will repeat throughout the night, creating the sleep cycle.

  • Stage One

    In this first stage of the sleep cycle, you’re starting to drift off. You may be in and out of consciousness, and it’s easy to be woken. Stage one doesn’t usually last for more than about ten minutes, as your body transitions quick into stage two.

  • Stage Two

    In stage two of the sleep cycle your heart rate starts to slow as you prepare for deeper sleep. Brain waves also begin to slow, although there are spikes in activity called sleep spindles. We spend almost half of our night’s sleep in stage two.

  • Stages Three And Four

    This is deep sleep – the most restorative part of our sleep cycle. In addition to extra blood flow around the body, growth hormones are released to aid in tissue regeneration and muscle repair, and our brains are emitting more delta waves in what’s known as Slow Wave Sleep (SWS).

  • REM Sleep

    REM sleep, or Rapid Eye Movement Sleep, is your brain’s busiest part of the night. Running almost like you’re awake, this is when you’re having vivid dreams accompanied by the quick movements of your eyes. Although only taking up around 20% of the sleep cycle for adults, younger children can be in REM sleep for up to half of their night.

The Benefits Of A Good Night’s Sleep

Tissue generation and muscle repair are just two of the many benefits of good quality sleep. Good sleep is proven to assist with weight loss, better academic performance through an improved memory, and offers a significant mood boost.

The reduction in blood pressure while you sleep also promotes heart health by giving your heart a well-needed rest at the end of a long day. Good sleep can also improve your immune system, leaving you feeling more energized and helping your body respond quickly to bacteria and viruses.

Tips To Improve Your Sleep Quality

Getting a good quality night’s sleep is vital. All of the health benefits that sleep offers require both the quality and time you spend asleep to be the best it can be. Here are some of the best ways you can improve your sleeping habits.

  • Reduce The Blue Light

    Phones, tablets, TVs, and smart devices all emit what’s known as blue light. Switching these off an hour or two before bedtime can help your body adjust and prepare for ‘sleep mode’.

  • Set Regular Sleeping Times

    Getting into a routine of sleeping and waking at the same time everyday can greatly help your body in preparing for sleep. Going to sleeping later than normal or waking up earlier than normal (and vice versa) can offset your circadian rhythm, which is your internal clock that lets you know when it’s time to sleep or wake.

  • Use A Sleep Band

    We’ve been running some Zeo Monitoring (ZQ) tests on our MBdisc Deep REM Sleep band and the results speak for themselves. There’s a great increase in time spent in REM sleep, and it’s reducing the time it takes to wake up, too.

  • Watch Your Diet

    Good food can greatly increase your sleep quality. It’s also wise not to have caffeine too late in the afternoon, or big meals too late at night, as these can keep your heart pumping faster and your body still working on digesting your food when it should be getting ready to sleep.

  • Exercise At The Right Time

    Exercise, like a good diet, works wonders for sleep quality. Although, you should still be paying attention to when you hit the gym. If you exercise too late at night, you may have trouble going to sleep.

With sleep playing such an important role in our daily lives, you can rely on the science behind our holographic discs and sleep bands to help you get a good night’s sleep.

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