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cbd oil

What Is Your CBD Oil Mixed With?

February 7, 2020

Reading Time: 3 minutes Cannabidiol (CBD) oil is widely used for pain relief, to reduce anxiety and depression, alleviate cancer-related symptoms, clear up acne and lessen the contributing factors to heart disease. CBD oil is mixed with a carrier oil to increase the bio-availability and absorption of CBD oil. According to Lexico, bio-availability is ‘the proportion of a drug or other substance which enters…

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CBD Oil for Psoriasis

CBD Oil & Psoriasis: What’s The Connection?

January 31, 2020

Reading Time: 3 minutes The list of ailments that can be treated with and managed by using CBD oil is growing daily. Psoriasis is one of these diseases, having surprising links to CBD oil and its effects on the body. At Miracle Balance, we want to give you a full rundown on how these two things interact so that you can know if our…

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Scalar Energy Products

How Scalar Energy Products Affect Your Health

January 24, 2020

Reading Time: 3 minutes Scalar energy has been around since the beginning of time, but scientists have only recently started investigating how to harness and make use of it. Unlike most other types of energy that are from the electromagnetic spectrum, scalar energy isn’t. When a human body is exposed to scalar energy, the scalar energy gets to work on the germs inside the…

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cbd oil

Does CBD Oil Expire?

January 21, 2020

Reading Time: 2 minutes With the popularity and use of CBD products on the rise, it is more important than ever to become properly educated on a variety of aspects dealing with them. One of the key factors to understand is that it has a shelf life. Knowing whether CBD oil can expire will guarantee the best and safest use of the products. Yes,…

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Scalar Energy Pendant

How To Ensure Your Scalar Energy Pendant Is High-Quality

January 17, 2020

Reading Time: 3 minutes Scalar energy pendants have, and continue, to grow in popularity. Worn around your neck like jewelry, or carried in your pocket, its positive results have been overwhelming. These pendants work to protect your body both inwardly and outwardly. It aids in restoring our cell functioning while repelling negative energies released from our electronic devices. However, where there is a product…

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Selling CBD Oil

The Essential Legal Lowdown Of Selling CBD Oil

January 10, 2020

Reading Time: 2 minutes In 2019, it’s become much easier to buy CBD oil and CBD oil-infused products. But just how legal is it, and what defines legal CBD oil? We’re here to give you the lowdown on all you need to know about possessing and selling CBD oil legally in the U.S. So, Is CBD Oil Legal? The short answer: yes! CBD oil…

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How Scalar Technology Works

How Scalar Technology Works

November 22, 2019

Reading Time: 2 minutes Life would not exist without energy. It exists all around us and within our bodies. Every action that occurs, every neuron or synapse that coherently connects us to the world around us, is done via an electrical current. We wouldn’t be able to talk, touch, see, taste or hear without this connection. Our bodies would not be able to move….

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Benefits Of CBD Oil

Benefits Of CBD Oil And Eczema

November 15, 2019

Reading Time: 3 minutes The list of patients using CBD oil for their chronic conditions is constantly growing. The research into the benefits of using CBD oil for chronic and other conditions is ongoing. As we progress, we come across more benefits of CBD oil, and more people that have found relief through the use of CBD oil. Eczema is one of these conditions…

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CBD Oil For PMS & Menstrual Cramps

November 1, 2019

Reading Time: 3 minutes Do you cancel all plans, call in sick, and curl up in a ball with a hot water bottle every 28 days? Are you impossible to live with, moody, anxious, and paranoid every time you menstruate and for the week or so before that? If your life is derailed because of PMS and menstrual cramping, despite trying all the over…

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The Growing Popularity of CBD Oil: What You Need To Know

October 25, 2019

Reading Time: 4 minutes The word CBD is no longer whispered in hushed tones by those who dare to use it, or frowned upon by people who haven’t tried it yet. In fact, CBD has become so popular, is so widely spoken about, and sold and used by so many people, that the facts about CBD, its uses, dosage, and side effects have become…

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