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Monthly Archives: January 2019

Sleep Bands

What Are Sleep Bands?

Reading Time: 3 minutes When you wake up in the morning do you feel as if you have no energy? Do you feel like you have not even slept a minute? 35% of Americans today suffer from insomnia or another form of sleep deprivation. Here at Miracle Balance we have the answer to your sleepless nightmares and it’s as easy as making use of a wearable and fashionable sleep band. What Is A Sleep Band? A sleep band…

Scalar Pendants

The Effects of Scalar Pendants

Reading Time: 4 minutes The effects of scalar energy from pendants and the like are still being discovered, but before we dive in to this it is important to start with the basics behind the science. Scientific investigation of human energy fields has concluded our bodies contain energy frequencies. Energy comes in different forms, and the type of energy we are accustomed to is the type…

Pain Relief

Alternative Treatments for Pain Relief

Reading Time: 3 minutes Your body is made up of energy. This energy comes in various forms, for example chemical or electrical energy. The only difference among these forms of energy is measured through the frequency (how fast the waves rise and fall) and the amplitude (the intensity of frequencies). Think about our natural bodily functions, for example the act of eating. When you…


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