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What Are Sleep Bands?

Sleep Bands

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When you wake up in the morning do you feel as if you have no energy? Do you feel like you have not even slept a minute? 35% of Americans today suffer from insomnia or another form of sleep deprivation. Here at Miracle Balance we have the answer to your sleepless nightmares and it’s as easy as making use of a wearable and fashionable sleep band.

What Is A Sleep Band?

sleep band

A sleep band is a 100% surgical grade silicon band infused with negative ions, embedded with a safe, non-transdermal holographic data disc specifically designed to enhance your sleeping experience.

How Do They Work?

Our bodies are naturally attuned to the world and its many frequencies and signals that the earth sends out. Unfortunately, we can’t pick up many of these important frequencies because of the various disruptions (such as radiation and technology) that interfere. To counteract the disruptions scalar energy infused sleep bands were developed to harness and reflect this energy into our bodies.

Scalar energy (also known as bio-scalar energy) is a unique type of energy. A pair of identical waves that break synchronicity at a specific point in time and cancel each other out produces the scalar energy. This energy then radiates outwards in circles as longitudinal waves. Scalar energy can be utilized through infusing solid objects placed in its field. When the energy is embedded in things like supplements for example, they aid in the easy absorption by the body. In sleep bands the scalar energy is able to counter the Electro Magnetic Frequencies being emitted and protect our bodies from harmful frequencies as well as focus healthy frequencies into our systems.

With the scalar sleep bands, you are able achieve a more satisfying sleep than ever before. When the Scalar waves neutralize harmful frequencies, they allow our bodies to function optimally and without interference. Through harnessing the scalar waves your body will feel more energized and more revitalized when you wake up. This is achieved in two ways, firstly by acting as a barrier to reflect all frequencies that will usually affect your normal sleeping patterns by interfering with your brain’s functions. Secondly, they are able to harness all the healthy frequencies from the environment and those being released by your own body and focus them back into your body.

The Benefits of Scalar Sleep bands

To prove how effective these sleep bands were Troy University conducted a study on them with their football team. The results were impressive, to say the least, such as lowered heart rates and blood pressure for players who utilized the sleep bands in the recommended manner. These results are important because by lowering blood pressure and heart rates the body calms, ultimately allowing for a more peaceful sleep.

Some of the other effects scalar sleep bands have had include:

  • Lowering wake time
  • Increasing REM sleep
  • Increasing deep sleep

ZEO tests (ZQ), which are being run with the sleep bands have also produced very positive results. The ZQ score that is given is an indication of the different levels of sleep you will get during the night such as light sleep, REM sleep, and deep sleep. The tests were conducted firstly with players not wearing the bands, and then with them actually using the bands. These test scores resulted in some very interesting conclusions.

The first subject, a 67-year-old person, received a before score of 69 which put them in line with the expected results for their age category. After sleeping with the sleep band, the test score rose to 83. This was an increase of 14 ZQ points. This increase in sleep quality put the subject in line with the expected results for a 30-year-old person’s sleep pattern. The second test was conducted on a 57-year-old person. Their before score achieved a ZQ of 42. However, their score after using a sleep band was a ZQ of 98. This incredible score put them into the category of expected results for a 20-year-old age group.

The Answer To Your Dreams.

So many people struggle with sleeping disorders due to constantly being on our phones, in front of a screen, or watching TV. This lifestyle has led to a deterioration of sleeping patterns in the general population. Miracle Balance has managed to counter the effects created by this lifestyle with sleep bands. While results may vary according to each individual, the best test is to buy one and see for yourself. ​​​​Sweet dreams!

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