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How Color Therapy Affects Energy Healing

Color Therapy Affects Energy Healing

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The study of color therapy arose hundreds of years ago in different forms all around the world. As seen in ancient Egyptian mythology, chromotherapy was used to treat illnesses by providing various minerals, crystals, dyes, and stones of different colors and shades. They additionally used painted rooms that were diverse in colors to aid in medical treatment and natural healing.

Since then, color is known to play a major role in our daily lives, affecting our mood, state of mind and energy levels.

Color as Energy

Energy exists in all forms around us, and this is one of the examples of energy that we can feel and perceive through the concept of color. As we know, light is made up of the color spectrum, and light is also energy. When seeing light and color, we are actually seeing different electromagnetic wavelengths of energy.

These wavelengths vary and form part of the electromagnetic spectrum. Some colors have larger wavelengths than others. These different wavelengths will have different effects on the mind and body, and these effects form part of energy healing as we attempt to balance our energy levels through electromagnetic wavelengths of color.

Color as Therapy

Color therapy is the act of healing using the color spectrum. It is known for bringing balance and harmony within the body and mind. Each color can bring a different meaning to our lives and bring about a different effect on our bodies.

For example, look at the way hospital rooms are painted and designed according to color. Often light pastel colors are used to calm the mind and promote harmony and healing. Color influences the energy that is flowing through our bodies. Today, the colors are categorized according to the healing properties that they possess. Below are a few that are widely used today, derived from various studies on chromotherapy.

  • Violet

    Violet is often used to heal psychosocial symptoms such as feelings associated with depression and anxiety, delusions and addiction. It is also known for treating negative emotions and a general negative state of mind- negative energy. By achieving harmony and balance, we can replace our negative energy with more positive energy levels.

  • Indigo

    The healing properties of indigo are also for a range of mental problems. It is also used to assist in the treatment of headaches, memory problems, and nightmares. Energy imbalances affect our psychosocial wellbeing, and so Indigo is often used to treat these symptoms by changing these energy levels.

  • Blue

    Often viewed by visual artists as the ‘cooling color’, blue helps treat inflammation and fever, as well as high blood pressure and calms strong emotions such as anger and aggression or anxiety. It is a tranquilizing color and calming energy.

  • Green

    Green is known specifically for tackling hormonal imbalances, as it affects the growth hormone in the body. It is also useful for treating bacterial problems and infections as it works on the bodies’ energy imbalances to achieve homeostasis- affecting the digestive system, the nervous system, and the immune system. Energy imbalances can cause imbalances in these bodily systems- and so they need to be regulated. Some chromotherapists use green to treat high blood pressure as well.

  • Yellow

    The healing properties of yellow help strengthen the nervous system- affecting the brain and mind. It helps stimulate the brain and increase spiritual wellbeing. Yellow provides positive energy that promotes healthier psychosocial wellbeing and positive state of mind.

  • Orange

    Orange is a warm and brightening color. It helps the body free itself from any constrictions and repressions of the mind. It is also known to help restore any imbalances from hormonal glands and is known to treat infertility problems for both males and females. Like yellow, it also provides positive energy to restore imbalances caused by negative energy.

  • Red

    Like orange, red also brings warmth and increases energy by stimulating the nervous system. It is therefore good for reducing fatigue and also prevents illness such as the common cold or flu. Many people find that red helps with physical energy- which is often why you would see a gymnasium with red as its theme color!

  • White

    White is the mixture of all colors and is often referred to as the ‘perfect color’ by chromotherapists. It has a wide range of healing properties. Its main function is to bring about harmony and balance within the body as quickly as possible. Chromotherapists often use white directly on certain body parts that are experiencing problems for immediate treatment and relief.

Miracle Balance Discs and Color Therapy

Miracle Balance Holographic discs use color therapy by utilizing a mathematical color vortex that is encoded onto the holographic disk. Each color is incorporated into the holographic disk through advanced technology that layers color information into each hologram. As the disc is placed on the skin, it allows the body to retrieve the colors that have been installed on the disc. The color communicates with the body’s acupuncture meridians to create homeostasis and harmony within the body, assisting in overall wellbeing and health. Each holographic disc stores a large amount of color information that is readily available for use – for when the body needs it.

If you are needing some color therapy and energy healing, then you can contact us on (866) 625-0087, or visit your nearest Miracle Balance store.

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