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Diffusing Electromagnetic Stress

Electromagnetic Stress

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With all our modern electronics and gadgets, our bodies are exposed to more electromagnetic stress than ever before. For those of you who might not know, electromagnetic stress is the strain our bodies take due to the number of magnetic fields and waves we are constantly exposed to.

How Do Electromagnetic Waves Stress Me?

Cell phones and similar devices produce electromagnetic waves at low frequencies that create biological disturbances in our bodies by changing how ion proteins interact and allowing the ion to depolarize and become separated from the protein. Thermic effects occur when electromagnetic fields pass through the body, which induces an electric current in our bodies that increases the body’s temperature and generates stress.

How Does Electromagnetic Stress Affect My Health?

There are several ways that electromagnetic affect your health, Dr. Marc-Francois Paya, M.D., has made a list of side affects you may experience due to electromagnetic stress. The general term used to describe people who are affected by electromagnetic stress is “electromagnetic sensitivity” or “electrical sensitivity”.

People who suffer from electrical sensitivity have reported suffering from lethargy, sleepiness and sleep disruption. During their daily lives they report they have struggled with depression, tingling skin, inflammation and redness whilst using computers and go as far as some extremes of having erratic blood pressure and heart palpitations that lead to headaches, irritability and muscle pains.

What Can I Do?

An EMF Meter can be used to find areas of your home with the lowest electric field presence and to monitor their presence. Using a metal free bed will help lower the concentration of electric fields while you sleep and combined with shielding materials will make your home an oasis against EMF radiation.

The goal is to make time and have spaces where you can live your life electronic free. Living in more rural areas, and in free standing homes where you are exposed to less electronics aids gives your body a rest from the constant bombardment of EMF radiation. Holidays and trips should be done in areas that do not involve the presence of electrical devices, and should include activities that are more natural such as camping and hiking in the woods. Bedrooms should be electronic safe zones. There is no need to have cell phone and other devices in your room while you rest. Sleeping and the absence of these devices will truly give your body the rest it needs.

Try to avoid air travel – aircraft rely heavily on electronics and electronic waves – being in an aircraft for any period of time can undo all the good work of an electromagnetic get away. It has been found that pilots and other aircraft staff struggle with electromagnetic sensitivity as their bodies are constantly being exposed to very concentrated levels of electromagnetic waves, and can very rarely give their bodies the much-needed break from this exposure.

The best way to help your body recover from electromagnetic stress is to live a healthy lifestyle. Eating correctly, exercise, getting enough water and rest are the best ways to give your body want it needs in order to cope with stresses exerted upon it and allow your body to self-heal.

If you believe you or a loved one may be suffering from electromagnetic stress then protect yourself by purchasing a Miracle Balance Protection Disc. It can counterbalance the adverse effects of electro-pollution. The advanced technology is easy to peel and stick on the inside cover of your phone.

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