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Do EMF Protection Products Work?

EMF Protection Products

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Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF) is a type of radiation that comes from electronic waves that carry energy. There are many devices that people use on a daily basis that are known to emit high-frequency EMF that can be dangerous to our health, such as electromagnetic stress from cell phones. High-Frequency EMF devices are usually ones that originate from wireless technology and include things such as cell phones, Wi-Fi routers, laptops, and any other Bluetooth enabled devices.

Since these types of devices have become part of everyday human life and are essentially necessities, it’s important to understand how we can get protection from high-frequency EMF while still using them. With the introduction of EMF protection discs, we are able to use our daily devices while being protected from the negative effects of high-frequency EMF exposure.

What Are The Negative Effects Of EMF Exposure?

Some of the health risks associated with high-frequency EMF devices are linked to prolonged exposure to EMF and these devices. Long term exposure to radiation has even been identified as a possible carcinogen, which means that being exposed to everyday devices such as cell phones, without protection against the radiation, is a possible cause of cancer. Other health risks that have been associated with prolonged exposure to high-frequency EMF are defective sperm, a higher chance of miscarriage, increased risk of developing Asthma, DNA damage, and even insomnia, anxiety, and depression.

What Is An EMF Protection Product?

An EMF protection product is a type of product that works to deflect or divert the radiation caused by a high-frequency EMF device, such as your cell phone, away from your body. These protection products are all based on a scientific principle known as the Faraday cage. This principle is a metal enclosure that prevents electrical impulses from traveling in or out of the enclosure. An EMF protection product, therefore, aims to work in the same way by preventing the electromagnetic fields from expelling out of the device and into your body.

For EMF protection products to work best in your everyday life, however, you wouldn’t want them to just stop EMFs from traveling out of your devices as this would stop them from working by blocking the signal. The best EMF protection products are the ones that work to strengthen your body and counterbalance any negative effects caused by the radiation.

Cell Protect Discs

At Miracle Balance, our cell protect discs take on an interesting twist of the Faraday cage model by making use of the body’s own natural energy field and harmonizing it with the radiation that is expelled from the high-frequency EMF handheld device. When radiation is expelled from a device, the danger to human cells occurs when there is a conflict that exists between our bodies’ natural radiation and high levels of external radiation. The cell protect discs interact with the external radiation and neutralize it before it interacts with our bodies, therefore reducing the risk of any harmful effects of electromagnetic fields emitted from our devices.

These unique cell protect discs work together with the body’s own energy system to fight the effects of EMF or high-frequency EMF devices. The disc is easy to use and can simply peel and stick to all of your everyday devices.

Miracle Balance is a trusted health care organization that provides a wide range of different products that work to combat the risks involved in EMF exposure. As wireless technology continually advances, it is important to incorporate preventative measures into your everyday life and routine. If you want to stay up to date with the latest news and our product offerings, keep visiting our website and check our social media pages.

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