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How Is Biofield Science Changing Our Health

Biofield Science

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If the concept of biofield science is new to you, or if you’re just now hearing of this term, you’re not alone. What was once seen as a doubtful form of practitioner therapy is now becoming widely praised as an innovative field of research and pain management. In this article, we’re going to give you a thorough overview of biofield science, how it works, and the benefits of ongoing biofield research as it pertains to human health.

What Is A Biofield?

Biofields are energy fields generated by and surrounding all living things, promoting the health and regulation of organisms, cell tissue, atoms, molecules, and even subatomic particles. The term biofield is a recent creation, formulated by a committee at the 1992 meeting of the National Institutes of Health.

However, while the term itself is recent, the concept of biofield energy has existed for thousands of years in both alternative and Westernized medicine practices. Over the years, practitioner approaches based on the biofield concept have grown in popularity and respect for their ability to assist in pain management and cancer therapies while reducing overall symptoms.

What Is Biofield Science?

Biofield science focuses on healing the human body by opening and regulating an individual’s biofield to promote swift physiological and psychic changes. Proponents of biofield science have applauded this system of healing as a way to help alleviate everything from insomnia, low energy levels, and chronic pain, to brain fog, phobias, depression, and anxiety.

Biofield science and healing are increasingly becoming accepted forms of patient diagnosis and therapy, with the FDA approving associated treatment methods such as noninvasive brain stimulation and pulsed electromagnetic fields for practitioner use. Biofield science has also brought what is known as neuromodulation to the forefront, which involves administering electromagnetic signals outwardly to treat disorders of the central nervous system.

Biofield science and neuromodulation have also made way for electroceuticals, energy-infused medications, and supplements that actively regulate one’s bioelectromagnetic fields. Energy medicine has made what was once a distant concept a realization of biofield science accessible to the general public.

How Do Biofield Science and Healing Work?

Each human being has a biofield surrounding and filling their body. An individual’s biofield engages with the biofields of nature and the people around them. In simple terms, your body feeds off and engages with the energy in your environment. Have you ever noticed that you feel energized when you spend time with really positive, affirming people? This is a prime example of your biofield in action.

Biofield science has shown that the human body is greatly affected by the electromagnetic fields around you, including those that are naturally occurring and manmade. One significant factor in the widespread pandemic of chronic pain and stress-related disorders is increased urbanization that separates people from the grounding qualities of nature.

When you suffer from pain, inflammation, anxiety, emotional distress, and disease, this is a clear indicator that your biofield has been interrupted. Practitioners use biofield science as a tool for healing, seeking to fix the root cause of the issue rather than simply mask the symptoms. Biofield science and healing takes on a variety of forms. Practitioners use a combination of methods like acupuncture, healing light, neuromodulation, and energy-based supplementation to complement more Western-based approaches.

Future Research

Biofield science has emerged to further understanding of the fascinating, yet complicated link between the mind and body and its effect on human health. Many psychological and physiological disorders start with this disruption of energy which fuels issues like chronic pain, insomnia, stress, depression, and ultimately, disease.

According to the November 2015 issue of the journal Global Advances in Health and Medicine:

Further investigations in biofield science and healing, especially those involving multidisciplinary collaborations—including clinical and preclinical trials, physiology, biophysics, device technology, and theoretical and philosophical models—will guide the way to a new paradigm in biology and medicine.

Through the use of methods like practitioner treatment, neuromodulation, and energy-infused products, individuals can thrive despite environmental pressures. This makes the study of biofield science all the more imperative for the future of medicine to help the human body achieve, balance, vitality, and true wellness.

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