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New Methods To Help With Epileptic Symptoms

Help With Epileptic Symptoms

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We live in a world where receiving a prescription from the doctor is the norm – however recently more people are showing a desire to find a natural remedy to common health issues. One issue that is becoming increasingly common is finding new methods to help with epileptic symptoms. Miracle Balance has products available that can help relieve some of the common symptoms.

While there are many forms of epilepsy, several of the symptoms are consistent and can include:

  • confusion or blackouts
  • blank fits of staring
  • twitching or jerking of limbs
  • loss of bearings and surroundings

There are many options available to treat epileptic symptoms including surgery and prescription medicine, but often prescriptions associated with epilepsy have a list of side effects including:

  • extreme fatigue
  • upset stomach
  • blurred vision
  • drop in white blood cells and/or platelets
  • pancreas and liver damage
  • bone loss

Scalar Energy

Here at Miracle Balance, we are always in search of excellence and new methods to help people. One method that has recently gained a lot of interest by individuals seeking new ways to treat medical symptoms is scalar infused products.

  • What It Is: Though it sounds like a complicated concept, what we often do not realize is that our entire body puts out and takes in energy constantly. The energy we take in ranges from good things such as correct diet and exercise to more negative energies such as electropollution from the technology we use every day. By improving the way, we absorb beneficial Scalar Energy, it allows us to absorb the nutrients we need while also helping to protect and eliminate our bodies from toxins.
  • Benefits: Studies have shown that harnessing scalar energy can promote health and healing. Practicing scalar energy wearing as a possible new method to help with epileptic symptoms can improve circulation and oxygen production. This method also encourages overall calmness throughout the body. More so, as it is a natural product, there are no side-effects.

Holographic Discs

Miracle Balance has long been a leader in providing the best in energy medicine, or as we like to say, “we’ve been helping humans hum at 10-90 millivolts since 2008”. The world of holistic healing has made great progress – this has been especially true when it comes to finding new ways to treat epileptic symptoms with relief holographic discs.

  • What It Is: While it may soundstrange, reliefmanagement holographic discs work just like acupuncture, but withoutthe needles. This process works by activating the same meridians thattraditional acupuncture use. The holographs cause the cells within the body toseparate by giving them a negative charge which, in turn, activates your organsand helps the body return to a natural, balanced state. You just peel and stickthe disc to the relief point.
  • Benefits: Our relief management holographic discs provide a myriad of different benefits depending on the type of disc and placement on the body. Regarding using the discs to help with epileptic symptoms, you apply it to the pressure point accessed in traditional acupuncture. In this case, it would be Pericardium-6,or PC-6. The easiest way to locate this point is by placing three fingers on the underside of your wrist and lifting your hand. The place between your tendons is the location of PC-6. PC-6 has long been associated with helping epilepsy, insomnia, circulation, and mental disorders.

As we move towards a time where holistic, and more importantly, energy healing as an alternative to surgery and prescriptions are becoming more popular, it is detrimental to continue our search of excellence at Miracle Balance.

Our scalar infused and holographic disc products are excellent at eliminating the effects of man-made frequencies (60 cycle) in the human body, increasing the overall body energy levels, improving the immune function, and improving mental focus.If you are searching for new methods to help with epileptic symptoms then contact us today.

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