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Ways To Up Your Sports Endurance

Sports Endurance

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Looking for ways to improve your endurance while exercising? Felling like you aren’t accessing the full energy potential of your cells? Then you might need a Miracle Balance holographic action disc.  Having the edge and improving your cardiovascular, muscular and energy endurance may give you the push you need to succeed in the sport you are participating in.

But what is a Miracle Balance ACTION Disc? MBdisc is a holographic disc that makes use of Energy Medicine and its effects on the body. A new discovery, energy medicine has been shown to be a powerful healer in the body, aiding in pain reduction and inflammation, and improving cell energy. So, in order to gain the competitive edge over your opponents, training at optimal capacity is key. The ACTION holographic disc is specifically designed to improve the follow:

  • Greater endurance during your sports performances
  • Increased power and muscular control
  • Better coordination
  • Increased agility and finesse in movements
  • Improved circulation of blood
  • Balance
  • Stability
  • Better overall speed

The action disc is a transdermal holographic data disc that works via activation of the acupuncture meridians. This is a fusion of the traditional Chinese understanding of medicine via acupuncture and the body’s natural energy fields.From this, a state-of-the-art delivery system of energy data via a laser-cut hologram was created.

Each disc has information specifically written onto it, much like a music disc or computer disc. All around your body, there is energy, and this energy is focused at acupuncture meridian points. Once the hologram is placed on the skin, it enters in your body’s energy field. Here, the hologram disc can be activated to bring about the healing and increased endurance effects by activating your cells with energy.

How Holographic Discs Work

Recently,scientists have discovered that it is possible to embed products with healing energy. The way this is done is by embedding scalar energy waves into nutritional products. Scalar waves are a type of longitudinal wave that is found naturally in the environment. The discs are embedded with the energy that is carried in scalar waves, which has been shown to have healing qualities, in the same way that chiropractors or physical therapists use energy and electricity to help stimulate muscles and promote healing.

The ACTION discs are specifically infused with data that helps to stimulate cells to access their full energy potential, allowing you to access your peak athletic performance potentials!

How To Use The ACTION Holographic Disc

The MBdiscs are very easy to use and are hassle free.

  • Each package comes with 14 discs that can be reused.
  • Simply peel and stick the ACTION disc onto the preferred part of the body. It is recommended to use the right wrist of the arch of the left foot
  • After sticking on, you can keep the disc in place with some athlete medical tape
  • The best time to apply an ACTION disc is approximately an hour before performing or competing
  • The discs can be reused until the ends are seen curling upwards
  • Stay hydrated

It is important to note that the holographic discs’ effectiveness can be delayed with the use or caffeine or other stimulants. If used in conjunction with drugs or other chemicals, you may experience something similar to a detox effect(such as increased urination).

If you are interested in having the upper hand in the competitive sports world,and would like to purchase a holographic action disc,search for one of our stores near you!

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