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Not All CBD Oil Is Created Equal


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Over the last few years, the interest in CBD oil has exploded. It has become extremely popular because of its many beneficial uses (treatment of anxiety, pain, etc). As with any product however, you can get good quality and bad quality. If you use or are considering using CBD oil, it is important to understand how it is made and what to look out for to ensure you are getting a good quality oil.

How Is CBD Oil Made?

CBD oil production is a complex and lengthy process which is why it is best to ensure you choose a product that comes from a quality CBD oil supplier.

One of CBD oils attractive features is that it is a natural product. The starting point for the oil therefore has to be nature. Producers of the oil start by growing cannabis sativa or hemp plants from which the oil will be derived.

Producers of the oil then select and harvest the plants which are suitable for oil production and air dry (or cure) them for a few weeks. The flowers are the part of the plant that contains the ingredient so after the curing process, the plants are stripped of their flowers which are then processed.

The supercritical carbon dioxide process then forces non-toxic fluid CO2 through the ground flowers which pulls out the CBD oils, lipids, etc. The CO2 is removed from the final product.

The mixture may then go through a process called winterization. In this process, the mixture is subjected to cold which pulls off fatty acids, lipids and other fats that are undesirable and can change the oil make-up.

Finally, the mixture is distilled (twice!) by being turned in a warm bath. The first distillation process leaves raw oil and the second distillation process removes any other undesirables (scents, residue, etc) and gives it that clear color.

How Can I Be Sure I Am Getting A Quality Product?

Choose reputable suppliers and know how your oil is being produced: Make sure you are buying from a trusted supplier that is known to use good quality products. Ask them questions like how is the oil extracted, are there any chemicals used, do they use non-GMO plants, etc.

Read reviews: Reviews are a good way of judging the quality of a product. Try and find out what people are saying about the product, its pros and cons, etc. It is easier to make an informed decision if there are a lot of reviews.

Make sure the oil is quality tested: Ask your supplier if their oil has been tested for quality and strength, where this was done and the outcome of the tests.

Don’t always buy the cheapest products: Some oils may be a bit more expensive because of the work that goes into producing them. For example, oil that uses organic plants, nano technology and third-party testing may cost a bit more but you will be getting a better product.

How Is Oil From Miracle Balance Produced?

Now that we know a bit about the processes that go into extracting CBD oil and how to ensure we are getting a good product; we can look at whether CBD oil from Miracle Balance meets the standards.

Scalar Oil from Miracle Balance is extracted from a single cultivar of Cannabis Sativa-L. The plants are farmed sustainably and contain no GMO ingredients. Nano technology and top of the range SCALAR Frequency embedding is used to ensure that the oil is bio-available to human cells. High accountability standards such as third-party testing and accurate labelling ensure that products are exactly what they say they are. The oil is produced seed to bottle with a chain of custody that ensures the utmost purity of product.

CBD oil may be a great addition to your life but be sure that you are understand how it is made and that you are getting the quality product you are looking for. For more information on CBD oil, contact Miracle Balance on 866-625-0087.

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