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What Is A Scalar Wave Laser?

Scalar Wave Laser

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We have recently seen an influx of devices that take healthfulness into the age of technology. While it may seem as if we are living in the future, scientists continue to discover that light and electricity can positively impact our well-being, including the scalar wave laser pen.

With over 2,200 beneficial cell optimizing frequencies, our laser pen offers a wide array of benefits in a small, convenient package. Not only does the LifeShield Laser benefit humans with its scalar wave technology, but it has also shown to help improve the lives of plants and animals! To truly appreciate the benefits our laser pen has to offer, it is essential to understand the basics of scalar wave technology.

What Is A Scalar Wave Laser?

When most of us think of lasers, we tend to think of either the comically large lasers used to destroy objects in movies or the handheld laser pointers used in classrooms and offices. Scalar Wave Lasers are neither.

Scalar waves, first discovered by Nikola Tesla, are much smaller than other types of waves including X-rays and gamma rays and are faster than the speed of light meaning that they can penetrate and be absorbed by objects at a much higher rate.

When applied to water, the waves can reorder its molecular structure. While that may sound complicated or even possibly dangerous, it has shown to have many positive benefits. Scalar energy is always around us, but scientists have developed ways to harness its power better.

How Does A Scalar Wave Laser Work?

scalar laser pen

The LifeShield Laser works by transferring a very subtle level of energy into where the laser is shined. We suggest applying the laser to food and water. When using the laser, the positive energy frequencies that it transmits are not only absorbed by the food or water but also negate and replace the possible negative frequencies they may have transmitted initially.

As the average adult consists of 57-60% water, it is incredibly important to stay hydrated. What many do not know, though, is that it is equally important to monitor the quality of hydration you receive. By applying the laser to water, it helps the molecules in a way that counteracts the negative properties and pollutants of the water while balancing the water with positive frequencies for best performance.

Scalar Wave Laser Benefits

The science behind scalar wave lasers may be complicated to understand, but the ample benefits are easy to see – they include:

  • Increased overall energy.
  • Improved immune functions.
  • Higher levels of focus.
  • Decreased levels of pollutants.
  • Improved balance and performance.

How Do You Use A Scalar Wave Laser?

For all the health benefits the laser has to offer, it is surprisingly easy to use! Its compact size and leather carrying case make it perfect to take anywhere. To apply, simply:

  1. Turn on laser.
  2. Hold laser about two inches away from food and water.
  3. Rotate counterclockwise eight to 10 times.

Other Uses For Scalar Wave Lasers

The benefits of the laser don’t stop at just humans! Testimonials have shown that it is also beneficial to the longevity of plants and animals.

  • Plants: Plants watered with scalar wave laser treated water have shown to increase the growth rate and overall health of plants. Cut flowers and plants have also experienced a longer life when placed in treated water.

  • Pets: Treating the food and water of your pet with the laser will show similar benefits to your own. It has also proved to help animals with injuries or conditions such as allergies or arthritis. For use on pets, simply apply to affected area for two minutes once or twice a day.

As so many different health gadgets continually being introduced, it is sometimes hard to keep up. With just a glass of water and mere seconds, the Scalar Wave Laser pen can help you, your pets, and your plants along the path to better overall health.

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