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How Are Acupuncture Points Related To Holographic Discs?

Acupuncture Points

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Our bodies are highly complex, intricately connected entities that function well until something disrupts the internal balance. Discovering the link between the body’s acupuncture points and the effectiveness of Miracle Balance’s Holographic Discs (MBdiscs) is a key to restoring that balance by healing, protecting, and maximizing the body’s natural functioning potential.

In many ways, a body is like a city with many different aspects operating in harmony until a mess-up in the traffic grinds things to a halt. A system breakdown in one area can affect many different sections of the body.

How Are Acupuncture Points Related To Holographic Discs?

Applying a MBdisc to the acupuncture point related to a specific ailment is like dispatching a team of specialists to the exact site of an accident. From the moment of application, the MBdisc activates to begin restoring order and normal function. This allows the body to begin healing itself.

Acupuncture has long been used to dismantle blockages and restore free flow to the energy systems of the body by inserting needles to differing depths into the numerous acupuncture points that are found along the various energy lines (meridians).

This is believed to stimulate the release of the pain-relieving chemical adenosine and ‘happy hormones’ endorphins, as well as decreasing inflammation and stimulating the nerves to release a growth factor enabling them to regenerate. MBdiscs offer the same benefits, and more, but in a non-invasive way.

Why Choose MBdiscs?

All the Miracle Balance Discs are non-transdermal. This means no needles are used, no drugs need to be taken and there are no side-effects from using them. This is energy healing in its least invasive form. The holographic Data DiscTM is applied to the skin and immediately begins working to restore balance inside the body. Cells respond by taking on a natural negative charge from the hologram delivered by the disc. This creates ideal conditions for circulation to improve. Good circulation involves effective oxygen delivery to cells as well as efficient waste removal. Once circulation is restored, the body is able to begin healing itself.

What Causes Body Issues?

The origin of all the problems in our bodies can be divided into four main areas.

  • Deficiency or Lack: We get our energy from the food we eat and the air we breathe. These might not contain the nutrients needed, or introduce toxins into the system. Emotional deficiencies can also be a large contributing factor to poor health.
  • Surplus: Too much of anything can shift the balance, both good and bad.
  • Blockages: Obstructions in the energy flow can present as a variety of physical and emotional ailments.
  • Injury:  Both physical and emotional injuries can cause imbalances that need healing.

Versatility of MBDiscs

Just as acupuncture has been used for more than pain relief, MBdiscs have been developed to meet a number of needs. Each disc is programmed to deliver specific solutions directly to the source of the need. Apart from the Miracle Balance RELIEF™ disc for pain management, The ACTION™ discs promote and stimulate high performance, and the PROTECT™ discs counter-balance and protect from electro-pollution from cell phones and wireless technology.

Acupuncture Points And MBdiscs – A Powerful Combination

As with other forms of energy medicine, the goal of MBdiscs is to restore the energy flow lines and in so doing, create an environment in which the body can heal itself. To align the discs with the focus points of the energy lines of the body, is to deliver 300 remedies directly to the body’s chief delivery hubs. 

While MBdiscs have shown to be effective when applied close to the source of the issue, this effectiveness can be increased when the disc is applied to the correct acupuncture point.

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