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The Process Of Creating Scalar Oil

The Process Of Creating Scalar Oil

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Although there is still a lot of speculation around the topic, without the psychoactive agent, the hemp plant can be extremely beneficial. Cannabidiol (CBD), a compound found in the plant has got people talking. Extracted through the carbon dioxide, or ethanol method, CBD has proven to have incredible health benefits for both people and animals. Taking it a step further, researchers at Miracle Balance have now introduced scalar oil. Scalar oil is CBD oil, infused with medicine energy. Scalar energy uses circular energy wave movements, that protect our bodies from harmful energy waves, boosts our immune systems and allow the CBD oil to be absorbed faster.

Understanding CBD And Where It Comes From

The hemp plant, or marijuana, contains naturally occurring compounds known as cannabinoids. Among these cannabinoids we find one called cannabidiol, CBD. Over the years, CBD has been proven to have many beneficial qualities for the relief and management of chronic ailments.

CBD products are extracted from industrial hemp plants as they contain 0.3%, or less, THC than other hemp plants. With CBD becoming increasingly popular, there are several different methods of extraction that could be used. The Carbon dioxide (CO₂) extraction and Ethanol extraction methods are however the cleanest and most common methods when the product is used for human consumption.

  • CO₂ Extraction Method

    This method is mainly used when working with smaller quantities of hemp. The plants are filtered through a number of chambers where the pressure of CO₂ is very high the temperature very low. The pressure and temperature allow for the isolation and preservation of CBD oil. Although this process uses expensive equipment, when the product is complete, it is of high quality and free of chlorophyll.

  • Ethanol Extraction Method

    Unlike the previous method, ethanol is used when working with larger quantities of hemp. Ethanol, high-grade grain alcohol, produces high-quality CBD oil commonly used in vape cartridges and other products. Although this method is cheaper, it is not always favorable. The method of extraction destroys the plant waxes which may carry health benefits for some manufacturers.

Understanding Scalar Energy

Our brains work together with our nervous system to control various functions and systems within our body. Every electronic device we own, or come into contact, lets off waves of energy. These are man-made waves of energy that then radiate through our body and affect us negatively. Scalar energy, on the other hand, when embedded in liquid, helps to neutralize these damaging effects. It accomplishes this by enhancing the body’s natural defenses to these radiations.

Although a tricky concept to grasp, scalar energy has always existed, but outside of relative time and space. Although it occurs naturally in the universe, under the right conditions, it can be created artificially. It expands in circular wave movements, occupying space as opposed to moving through it and damaging it. When infused with CBD oil, scalar energy holds many beneficial qualities.

Benefits of Scalar Oil

  • The body is able to absorb the product more quickly and completely
  • Overall body energy is said to increase as each of the cells is energized by the product
  • Chemical bonds in DNA can be strengthened, resisting to damage
  • The immune system is boosted
  • Improved mental focus as shown by EEG’s

Scalar oil is pure, whole hemp CBD oil. Its purity means that more CBD is absorbed by the body’s cells, at a faster rate. Without the elimination of the CBD oils benefits, scalar oil works with it to provide more of a full body benefit. For questions on where to buy or for general information, feel free to contact us at Miracle Balance.  

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