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How Do You Use A Scalar Laser Pen?

Scalar Laser Pen

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Is your mind or body holding stress?  Holding onto stress can create blockages through your body, which can lead to imbalances and in some cases even disease. A Scalar laser pen allows you to perform scalar infusion therapy at home. A common question we are faced with, is how do you use a scalar laser pen?

Understanding How Scalar Laser Infusion Works ​​​​​​​

Everybody is made of cells, and inside these cells are mitochondria, and the mitochondria creates energy that our bodies need in order to function in our daily lives, heal ourselves and repair our bodies. A scalar laser pen makes use of low-level laser frequency to donate light energy and electrons to aid in stimulating your cells to produce more energy, that helps damage cells heal and repair themselves.

Damaged cells cause blockages as it prevents osmosis, which is the transform of nutrients from a cell with a high concentration of nutrients to a cell with a low concentration of nutrients. Giving cells enough oxygen and energy allows cells to repair themselves and continue the natural process of osmosis.

Holding onto increased amounts of stress is a major cause of cells being damaged, and this is most evident in people who lose their hair while stressed. The stress they are experiencing is causing damage to their cells and not enough nutrients are reaching their hair cells, causing the hair to fall out.

Low level lasers are used, as they don’t hurt the cells or burn them like most medical lasers do, and they also have a wavelength that is perfect for penetrating pass the cell walls.

Using A Scalar Laser Pen ​​​​​​​

We recommend you use a scalar pen 1-3 times a week, and using it is as simple as identifying a problem area and holding the laser pen directly against the skin with the laser facing the skin. You can hold the pen still to concentrate energy in a specific area, or slowly move the pen side to side or in small circles to affect a larger area. We recommend each session last an hour at a time.

Is It Safe?​​​​​​​

Yes, scalar laser pens emit laser light that is non-toxic, painless and is non evasive. Also, scalar pens have no side-effects and can be used for people of varying age groups. Scalar energy lasers are so safe they have been used in treatment for several conditions, with the most common being to help with arthritis and speed up the recovery of flesh wounds.

By insuring osmosis in the body takes place and that your body’s natural flow is not interrupted, Scalar infusion therapy has been deemed safe enough to help with natural anti-aging processes with the help of acupuncture, and has even shown to help individuals recovering from severe addiction.

This is done by targeting specific points on your ear and temples that stimulate the brain to release all those good endorphins such as dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin that had the production stunted by the false feeling of euphoria given by addictive substances.

For all your energy healing needs, questions, or if you’d like more information on Scalar Laser Pens and what other ailments they can help with, our friendly staff is ready to help you here at Miracle Balance.

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