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How Does Scalar Energy Affect Other Living Things Around You

Scalar Energy

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Scalar energy products are not entirely new, research on scalar energy and how it affects the human body has been happening for many years, however, more extensive research is yet to happen, along with recording specific and definable linked outcomes of their use. How then do we gauge if they are safe for children and pets?

Considering Scalar Energy and Its Effect on Children and Pets

It is always advisable to educate yourself when it comes to harmful side effects of a product, especially when children or pets are exposed, this becomes difficult when the product seems to have no known side effects yet. Children and animals are at our mercy when it comes to important decisions like this. And despite their dependence on us for what is best, they will have to deal with any effects later on. This means we need to be especially careful with their whole-body health.

Let’s take a pause to consider what hazards exist in the first place that these products are being developed to counter. Children and pets are already, indisputably and without choice, being exposed to the harmful effects of products already deemed appropriate. There is now a counter question of balancing these existing dangers one way or another. Why not with a product or technology that has no known side effects?

The Available Evidence of Scalar Energy Effects

With limited documented research on the effects of scalar energy on living things around the user, it is difficult to comment on how it might affect your pets and children. We can comment on the topic by looking at the evidence that is available. Scalar energy is being used to treat stress related to technological devices, epilepsy, pain and sports performance which are all aspects that affect children; sometimes even more so than grown-ups. From this angle, it would be questionable to keep such bio energy products out of their environment.

Children React to Their Environment

Children are just little humans, and if we can help their bodies to hum at a calmer level, 10-90 millivolts, and from a younger age, who is to say that this will not help them develop better? The scalar products we offer are manufactured to create an internally calm environment. Environment and inner turmoil are often what leads to issues people experience in older years. Addressing this, trying to balance it in children, is a positive thing.

On a similar note, our laser pens are formulated with your pets in mind as well as you. These pens are marketed for pain relief for your animals as well as your human household.

  • Children at Risk

    Children seem more and more prone to hyperactivity and resultant learning challenges. Theories abound that this is partially a reaction to EMF emitted by high tech equipment in everyday life. The energy, such as far-infrared, emitted by scalar infused products neutralizes the EMF charge in the body through negative ions.

  • Avoiding Any Risk

    Any insurmountable concerns about the effect scalar or bio energy products may have on your children or pets can be countered by using either ingestible products or wearable products. Instead of having products in the household that can be used to treat communal water or food these can be exchanged for those that are for self-use only. Instead of the pen use the disks, for example.

We also prompt you to remember that the energy products need to be aimed and used intentionally in order for benefits to be gained. Unless you decide to use the products on your pets or children, you should not be concerned about them being affected; unless they are affected by the change the products create in you and the way you interact with other living beings in your environment. And in that case, the effect should be a positive one.

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